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City of Paso Robles
Union Road Improvements

The Union Road Improvement Project is a huge safety improvement for one of Paso Robles' most traveled roads.  The crest of Union Road was lowered by 4', and the road widened in an effort to improve the line of sight, and create a class 2 bike lane.  The project is will be complete in early June, 2015!  

Work includes, but is not limited to:   

Install 2000 LF of 10" Ductile Iron Water Main

Excavate 20,000 CY of dirt, realign and widen roadway 

Construct 1,000 Linear Feet of 5' to 15' PCC Retaining Walls

Pour 5,000 Linear Feet of Curbing

Grade and compact 7,000 CY of Class II Base

Pave 2,500 Ton of Asphalt Concrete

Stripe, Install Street Lights, Signage, and various improvements
The LID Demonstration Permeable Paver Project is one of the first of its kind.  GSCI was contracted to convert the asphalt parking lots, into permeable parking lots.  The idea is to maintain all rain water on site, and eliminate any runoff into the storm drains.  The project was a huge success, and was completed in October of 2014. 

Work included, but was not limited to:  

Demo 100,000 SF of parking lot pavement

Excavate 10,000 CY of dirt and rock

Install 5500 LF of 2-3 foot high vertical concrete curbs

Install 10,000 Ton of 1.5-2.5" Rock, then 2000 Ton of .75" Rock, and finally 1000 Ton of 3/8" Rock as to contain all rain water on site

Install 100,000 SF of permeable pavers

Install benches, drinking fountains, and other various park amenities
City of Santa Barbara
LIDD Permeable Paver Project